Saturday, June 19, 2010


It has been a very eventful seven months to say the least. With the completion of the Choctaw Nation's new flagship Casino my life has been busy and gratifying. My night job in the IT department turned into a day job and my responsibilities have doubled; got a problem with your computer or a question about your computers cup holder then I am the man that you call.

Enough about me.

My Grandson, Dominik who is eleven, has been through the kind of hell that no young child should ever have to go through. In April of this year his mother fell and hit her head and two days later she died from an internal brain bleed. The words that I have are incapable of communicating what this has done to Domink and the grief that he his dealing with even two months later. His Father has been living with us for about four years and now Domink is living with us also. He acts normal most of the time when he is with others but in the quite of the night he cries himself to sleep.

One prayer at a time and one day at a time is how this is being dealt with. Please pray for my most beloved grandson.


PS - I closed my MediaFire account an there will not be any more audio posts until I can find another host. I will be editing all previous posts to remove the content links. C-)

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Spitfire said...

Oh, Christopher! I am SO sorry for you and for Dominik. If I were close enough, I'd wrap him up in my arms and rock him to sleep...even at his age!!!!! (Did it with my eldest foster son when he was 13 and his mom died....he was as big as I, and my poor legs never had enough circulation afterwards, but it's what he needed. So I did it!) Our prayers will be with all three of you and the rest of your family as you deal with the grief and come to a place of healing. May Papa hold each of you in His arms, and comfort you each in the way only He can do....Shalom, Spitfire

PS, Next time I have computer trouble, I know who to come to now!!!! Grin