Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Love will not try to browbeat you if you disagree with it

This post is about one specific thing that love does not do: Love does not try to convince by harsh argument or belittlement what it believes if those beliefs are not the same that are held by you. The body of Christ believes many things that have nothing to do with the Gospel and some of those things are held so fiercely that they cause division in the body when they are allowed to interfere with our primary purpose on this planet.

First Corinthians Chapter Thirteen

The following link is to a web site called CARM (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry). The author of the site is Mr. Matt Slick who is a Christian Apologist. I may disagree with Mr. Slick on a couple of points but they have nothing to do with our Salvation, Sanctification or Redemption and Who is responsible for all three. I would encourage you to follow the link and take a look at the Doctrine Grid that Mr. Slick has put together.

I may not know you personally, but I love you because Jesus Christ loves you. I want to love you as much as and just like He does me. Not always going to happen but I try because of Him and what He has done for me.

Audio of the day: Dr. Chuck Missler and part Nine of Twenty-two in his study of the Book of John.

Study #9 - John Chapter Nine (14.55MB MP3)

This collection of audio is from the 1990's and is not the most recent series of studies in this book. You can find the most recent recordings for sale at Doctor Missler's website Koinonia House. The audio that I am offering can be found at Firefighters For Christ free of charge.


Spitfire said...

Great Post Christopher! I like that chart you referred us to. And I love you too! It's great to know we can disagree and still love each other even if we're different faiths! Isn't Papa wonderful!?! HalleluYah!
Shalom, Spitfire

Christopher Willis said...

Ephesians Chapter 2:8 says that the Faith that we have is a gift given to us by G-D. If we are in Christ then our Faith is the same. Yes, Abba is very wonderful. C-)