Monday, October 12, 2009

Please, forgive me.

This blog is suffering because I am having various and sundry medical problems right now and the desire to post daily is there but the pain distracts me; I am not the Apostle Paul - Go look up what HE had to deal with and still he wrote three-quarters of the New Testament.

At this point in time I have two constant readers that I know of and I feel that I am letting them down because of my lack of posts. I want to share the Word and be a blessing to those that take the time to stop here.

I will post as I can and when I can, soon.

Yours in Christ,


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Spitfire said...

Don't worry Sweetie. We'll keep checking on ya and reminding Papa that He's already healed you. He just needs to remind your body you've already been healed!!! (I know that feeling!) Take care of yourself, and know we'll wait for you. You do a great job here Christopher. I enjoy your posts very much. And I'm sure you're reaching far more folks than you realize. Shalom. Spitfire