Wednesday, October 7, 2009

World views - Part Two

The World:

Man is getting better and more civilized so one day we will not have hatred, war, violence.

This is not True. With Sin in the world and Satan in control of the kingdoms of this world then there will not be any change in our behavior or the root cause of our actions. Only when the Messiah is on the throne will the world have a chance to see what Peace is but even then Sin will still be present. For the Christian the penalty of sin has been paid for and the power of sin is broken. I sin daily but all God sees is His Son in me. I will have to answer to to the Lord for my actions in and out of the Body but not my sin.

Religious tolerance is what is needed to bring all faiths together as one faith and to unite the world in love.

Religion has never saved anyone. Religion is mans attempt to relink himself to a Righteous and Holy God by his own works and power. I have no tolerance for any Religion because God does not have a part in any of them. True Christianity it is not a religion but a relationship with a person: Jesus (God).

There are many ways to God and everyone has to find his or her own way.

See the above answer

Global warming is caused by man and we are killing the planet.

During the middle of the day go outside and look up. That big flaming thing in the sky is the cause of global warming and cooling. Solar output, solar flares and cosmic rays are what cause the earth to heat and cool in cycles. Long cycles: the weather behavior this year has its roots in solar cycles of five hundred years past. Not me.

Zombie Apocalypse (This is a catchall for any Nut-job, Scientific or Educated theory that claims that the "End of the World" is going to happen on specific date in the near/distant/Next Friday future and that we have to start planning now if we want to survive.)

If any of what you hear or see going on in the world today worries you, then you need to make sure that you have made adequate preparation for the future.

This is an enigmatic statement that does not answer the above argument. Personally, I think having a weeks worth of food per person stored is a great idea that every American should look into. Civil unrest, anarchy, and chaos could be around the corner for our nation and then again they could not.

The bible goes into great detail about the events at the end of the age and tells what is to be expected before the return of Christ to the earth to rule: Meteors, Return of the Nephalim, Nuclear War and Famine are just some of the things to be expected in the future. But, should these things consume us with fear and anxiety? No. If you are in Christ, then it matters not one bit what the future holds for this world: He is in control and the wrath to come is the 'Wrath of the Lamb' (The bible says so.)

Pray for our Nation and pray for Israel: Let God handle the details; its His Kingdom and His Judgments are Righteous and True.

(Part Three on Thursday Friday)

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