Tuesday, October 6, 2009

World views - Part One

What the world believes and what is real are two different things:

The World:

Man is getting better and more civilized so one day we will not have hatred, war, violence.

Religious tolerance is what is needed to bring all faiths together as one faith and to unite the world in love.

There are many ways to God and everyone has to find his or her own way.

Global warming is caused by man and we are killing the planet.

Zombie Apocalypse (This is a catchall for any Nut-job, Scientific or Educated theory that claims that the "End of the World" is going to happen on specific date in the near/distant/Next Friday future and that we have to start planning now if we want to survive.)

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The Local Malcontent said...

Matthew 7:13, man.

Tnanks for helping start our days off on a solid footing, Christopher.