Friday, August 21, 2009

Today is a day of Great Expectation and Hope

Constant Reader and Sibling in the Lord, Spitfire, reminded me today of something that I have not considered for a while. When we see Jesus, we will be transformed into beings different than we are at this time and in this place. We will be just like He is now in His risen form; Sin will not be part of our DNA and we will not be constrained to only four dimensions of reality.

My proof texts for this is view is: (Luke 24:36-43), (John 20:26-29) and (1 John 3:2)
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Please forgive today's short post. My current body is tired and wants to go to bed and dream of (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18).


Audio of the day: Dr. Chuck Missler and part Two of Twenty-two in his study of the Book of John.

Study #2 - John Chapter Two (17.62MB MP3)

This collection of audio is from the 1990's and is not the most recent series of studies in this book. You can find the most recent recordings for sale at Dr. Missler's website The audio that I am offering can be found at Firefighters For Christ free of charge.


Jungle Mom said...

I am very excited about your blog!

Christopher Willis said...

Jungle Mom, I too am very excited to be able to share what I know of the Lord and my love for Him³.

Spitfire said...

Mr. Willis,
I too look forward to the sounding of that Shofar! There's times I can hardly wait....there's others I'd really kinda like to see my Little Critter grow up a bit more....and then there's days I cry out to Papa "Beam me up Papa!!! There's no signs of intelligent life down here!!!!" To which I hear a chuckle and the response "Look again Child....they're out there." But regardless which kind of day I'm having, I really look forward to seeing what it will be like to be like Yeshua! Just gives me goose tingles all over at the prospect!!! Too exciting!
I hope you have a blessed and restful Shabbat. Shalom, Spitfire