Friday, August 14, 2009


In Thursdays post I wrote about Christians being fiduciaries for the companies that they work for and I wrote that I tried to be one for mine. And sure enough, my words come back to haunt me. The alarm clock that I have used for years to annoy me awake did not go off. I have it set for 10:30 PM so I can be at work for a Midnight to Eight shift. I exercise what would seem like extreme OCD behavior before I go to sleep and check to make sure that the alarm is turned on and ready, at least two or three times.

My darling wife - Lord, please bless her - woke me up at 12:23 and asked if I had to work. I had to think before I answered her, I sleep hard and do not wake easy. Of course the answer was 'Yes.' and with that the race was on to get to work as soon as I could. I ended up being one hour late for work and this is not something that I do on even a semi-irregular basis. Not at all. I try to be about fifteen to twenty minutes early and no less then five.

To the heart of the matter: Spiritual attack comes from all sides and at the wrong time, no pun intended. We as Christians have to be on our guard constantly; we are rarely attacked in our weak areas and it seems that the points that we are the strongest in is where the attacks come most. I do not pray enough and I am sure that is the reason why I get blind-sided as often as I do. Lord please forgive me for not being more prayerful. Prayer is our chance to come into line with the Lord's will. He wants us to come to Him with everything. Everything. I will be so happy when I finally get to the point in my spiritual growth/walk that I don't have to be taught the same thing over and over again before it sticks. Lord, please let me learn the lessons the first time around. I also know that there is not anything that happens in our lives that is not 'Father Filtered' He allows us to come under attack so that we will grow in maturity and with that maturity comes a deeper love and trust of Him. The Lord wants us to trust Him in all areas of our lives and be given wholly over to His will through love and obedience. These are easy words to type but walking them out is where I have the greatest difficulty.

Praise the Lord.

Audio of the day: Dr. Chuck Missler and part Four of Seven in his study of the Book of Ephesians.

The Mystery of The Church Eph Ch. 2:11 - Ch. 3:12 (20.55MB MP3)

This collection of audio is from the 1990's and is not the most recent series of studies in this book. You can find the most recent recordings for sale at Dr. Missler's website The audio that I am offering can be found at Firefighters For Christ free of charge.

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